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Meet the iCreate Team

Kevin Williams, Director of Technology and Innovation

Kevin has a passion about STEM and related fields.  His position as Director of Technology for NEIU 19 enables him to foster and grow STEM knowledge in the districts the IU serves by providing opportunities for educational staff and students to compete, learn about and build community in STEM and related technologies.

Lexie Konsur, Instructor
ITI Specialist, STEAM Enthusiast

Lexie has spent her time in education teaching both students and adults how to embrace technology as a tool for learning.  Working with all sized learners from PreK to adults, she aims to demystify STEAM concepts as well as get students to engage in learning enthusiastically.  She is passionate about electronics, robotics, programming and three dimensional design.


Stephanie Williams, Instructor
Network Specialist

Stephanie loves to find out how things work. Sometimes she is able to put them back in working order and sometimes not. This inquisitiveness enables her to work problems in ways that are different and innovative. She also uses her art background to come up with creative and fun projects for students that are challenging without being discouraging. Having this skill comes in handy when dealing with her own two children and husband. She loves photography, music, cars and traveling.


Michael Zwanch, Curriculum Specialist

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Drexel University, a Masters in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University, and is certified as an Instructional Technology Specialist.  Prior to becoming a Curriculum Specialist at NEIU 19, he taught for fourteen years in various positions ranging from regular education at the elementary level to gifted from K-12.  Mike is passionate about teaching and learning, and strives to design meaningful, engaging experiences for all of his students.

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