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Rolling Ball Animation

The projects below are just a sampling of what iCreate offers. Please check back periodically to see other projects showcased.


Making and Shaping Fashion

Elementary Level (2-4)

[scalable to MS (5-8) and HS (9-12)]

School Subjects Addressed: math and art

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Students will create three dimensional wearables that depict some sort of math concept.  Possible design ideas may include: quadrilaterals, hexagons, cubes, fractions of shapes, etc. For MS/HS possibilities can include: Pythagoras theorem, the golden ratio, etc. Wearables must follow rules of composition, form and function as well as the principles of 3D design in art including but not limited to harmony, balance, continuity, etc.

Shedding Light on Electricity

Elementary Level (3-5)

School Subjects Addressed: Science

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Teacher will take students on a study of electricity and electrical circuits. Students will create their own 3D sculptures using Squishy Circuits dough that will complete various types of circuits to produce the desired effects of lights, sounds and motions.

Physics Besieged

HS (9-12)

School Subjects Addressed: Physics & Social Studies

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Students will design, print and test a variety of 3D printed historical machines each with the goal of propelling a 3D printed ball the farthest distance.

Printed Name Practice

Kindergarten (Pre K-K)

School Subjects Addressed: English Language Arts
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Students will practice writing their names using the iPad and render them into 3D printed models.  Students will troubleshoot their printed projects and make improvements.

Robot Movie Trailer

Middle School (6-8)

School Subjects Addressed: English Language Arts
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Students will create a movie trailer that publicizes a movie starring everyone’s favorite robot, Sphero!  Students will learn the basics of filmmaking as a genre of literature and also learn how to drive a Sphero robot using block code programming skills.

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